Hey there! I know I’m still blogging to myself, but if people are ever going to read my blog, there has to be something to read! So I will continue to blog to myself until that happens.

I left LA this morning and am currently in Colorado for Chad’s brother’s wedding. We have the rehearsal dinner tonight at P.F. Chang’s, and the wedding is tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some good eats! I won’t be back in LA until Monday, which means three or four days of not working out! My body will be yearning to sweat when I get back. I’ll also be yearning to cook! Which means recipes will be coming your way next week. If I don’t have time to write a new post within the next few days, don’t think I abandoned my blog! I’m only getting started.

On another note, I start culinary school in a little over three weeks! I can’t wait to share my adventures. My blog will be filled with goodies to both see and read.

For anyone who wants to see the face behind this brand new blog, here is a picture of Chad and Me that I took when we arrived today. (Please excuse my boyfriend’s seriousness. I guess that’s what I get for holding the camera directly in front of his face.) I wish all of the blogging community a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon!


“Pinch of Jen” for the day: In reference to “beef nuggets” he got from the hotel snack area, Chad opened the bag and said, “Maybe you should put these tasty little things on your blog!” Right.