My Blog’s Debut!

Writing the first post on a brand new blog has got to be one of the most depressing tasks there is. I’m basically writing to myself right now. Not even basically. I am writing to myself right now.

I won’t be posting a recipe today, but I’ve been making some delicious meals lately. Mexican lasagna and spinach feta turkey burgers were two of my favorites. If you haven’t made these burgers yet, you should. Jenna is an inspiration! As for Mexican lasagna, I will share the recipe once I make it again. Let me just say that my younger brother Daniel has the pickiest taste buds on the planet, and he was very reluctant to try a bite of the lasagna’s cheesy goodness. Well, he ended up having two servings, and I heard from a little birdie that he also ate leftovers for breakfast the next morning! Stay tuned for the recipe!

If you haven’t already read my About page, please do! I mention that I’m a culinary student, but what I leave out is that I haven’t officially started yet. My classes will begin the first week of April. Cooking has always been such a great love of mine. I’m thrilled to be taking my passion to a more professional level, and I can’t wait to share my experiences on my blog! I have an appointment this afternoon to schedule my first set of classes. Yay!

If you’re reading this right now, please don’t forget to come back! It won’t be long before my blog is full of foodie delights. Now it’s time for me to drool over pictures on foodgawkerand do some blog surfing.

I will be back!